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The corporate world is facing an increase in regulatory oversight and is being compelled to abide by stricter rules and regulations. As shareholders and other stakeholders demand more transparency and disclosure for their investments following the financial crisis, corporations need to be proactive in their adoption of best in class standards.

Capital Concept understands the unprecedented expectations faced by leaders of corporations with regards to their commitment to CG.  The number of business leaders spending more than half of their time on governance and compliance stood at 50 percent as of May 2013 up from 19 percent before the financial crash according to a recent study by the London Business School. Public, private, and non-profits organizations are looking to build CG end-to-end solutions to bring structural rigor into their organizations. Whether starting a new company or looking to revitalize a mature one, Capital Concept’s expertise helps achieve these desired goals.

Our experts help streamline operations, reduce costs and improve business processes at the enterprise level by bringing unrivalled resources and experience to bear on CG compliance issues . With tailor-made methodologies to meet individual needs , Capital Concept’s consultants provide direction and support for the development and implementation of a CG strategy .

In addition to advisory services, our team can also provide training to directors and staff .

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